Stay Motivated!

Now you have become inspired, found your motivation, and strategized your “plan-of-attack”.  The workouts have been going great; you are hitting chest, back, legs, and core.  However, deep down you feel something is not working and you have no idea what it is.  First, let me say that everybody has had their doubts about […]

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Home Gym vs Gym Membership

Home Gym vs Gym Membership
Once you’ve made up your mind and commit yourself to a leaner and healthier lifestyle, you must now decide if a gym membership or a home gym is right for you. As with most things there are pros and cons, I’ll discuss the broad categories of things you should consider, […]

Vacation Fitness

Tips to staying fit while on vacation this summer

If you’re flying, bring snacks with you in your carry on so you are not tempted with the sugar coated foods at airport.

Watch out for jetlag as it will make you hungry at abnormal times. Resist the urge to snack at 4 a.m. and […]

Traveling & Fitness

Summer vacations & traveling
Maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling
If you find yourself staying in a hotel or resort this summer while traveling, rest assured there are ways to maintain and upkeep the healthy lifestyle you have been living while at home.
Life Fitness outlines how to make the most of your hotel gym this […]

Moving Moms

Quick exercise tips for Mom
Moms give unconditional love to their kids, but most do not do the same for their bodies. No matter what pre-pregnancy fitness level a new mom is in, it will take some work & time to get the muscles back in shape post-baby.
Fitness Showcase, Partnered with Life Fitness is sharing […]

Blood Pressure & Exercising

May is National Blood Pressure Month! If high blood pressure is something that you deal with or something that you worry that you may have to deal with in the future. Instead of becoming reliant on blood pressure medication why not try out a more natural solution? Exercising, along with a healthy diet & […]

You’re Doing It Wrong On The Treadmill

How To Improve On The Treadmill
Wondering why, even though you are dedicated to time on that treadmill, you still aren’t seeing results? You could be doing it wrong. Here are some mistakes you could be making that could be holding you back.
Not focusing:
The thing that some people love about treadmills is that they’re convenient […]