The most popular in-home exercise equipment is by far the treadmill. They are very easy to use, take up minimal space in your home (most also store easily) and if you can walk, you can use a treadmill. They are also one of the easiest ways to burn fat. For those concerned with low bone density, running or walking are good load-bearing exercises that have been shown to increase bone density. There are many types of treadmills: fold-up models, models designed for walkers, heavy-duty designs for runners, even ones that can monitor your heart rate and adjust your workout accordingly! Treadmills are fantastic calorie-burning machines. Fitness Showcase carefully chooses clinically advanced cushioning systems along with the most durable Treadmill brands using our 26 years of experience in the Fitness Equipment industry. Expert ratings seem to agree, as Fitness Professor, Consumer Digest, Runner’s World and many others in 2010 give top ratings to brands like Cybex, Life Fitness, and True Fitness…which you can find exclusively at Fitness Showcase.